Who we are

ROAR Wellness is a community interest company founded in 2020 as a response to community needs brought on through the global pandemic Covid 19.

Working within the Knowsley and Merseyside area, supporting mental, emotional and physical health connecting the entire community we seamlessly link with Schools, Nurseries, all agency services and NHS teams.

Our work continues to expand within the NHS, Family support teams, Schools and local businesses, creating an environment which is focused on better mental, emotional and physical health.

The team has experience in education, wellbeing, family support and business support services. We have been working within the local community, supporting businesses with coaching and training leadership and wellbeing training.

50 years experience

Our TEAM has a combined expertise of over 50 years of knowledge, with our most recent expansion of services that now provides additional support into individual and private wellbeing services such as heartmath coaching, NLP, CBT, Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda health. We use a combination of accredited coaching techniques, therapeutic therapies, along with the science based evidence this provides a total holistic support for wellness.

ROAR was set up initially to support families and children within Knowsley that accessed our sister company Tiger Tots Nursery, during the pandemic the community needs surpassed our original planning, further services were needed, we have supported families, children, schools and the NHS with additional training and coaching programmes to improve mental and emotional wellness.

Wellbeing Champions

Having developed our own team of wellbeing champions, our service is now available for private individuals, families and businesses to access. Wellness is at the heart of everything we do, we take a well-balanced and holistic approach to emotional, mental and Physical wellness, our goals are to support, nurture and improve the wellbeing of our community, individuals, families and UK business services.

Our team are experts within education, public services, community health and wellbeing.

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