Mental, emotional and physical health impacts on the workplace, with spiralling rising costs. Mental health alone cost UK workforce £45 billion last year.

Our training and coaching workshops are bespoke to the needs of your work pressures and environment. We offer pre health checks on all staff ahead of the program commencement and will review the outcomes and progress made during the wellness journey to better health.

We offer training programmes within the Educational sector, NHS, public and private service providers.

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Example programmes

Wellbeing champion program

for Teachers within education and all EYFS practitioners

Wellbeing champion programme

for CAHM’s, health and social care teams, school nurses, community support workers.

Tools and techniques

to support emotional and mental burnout.

The power of positive thinking

Leadership and coaching

Wellbeing at work health checks

Managing stress and anxiety within leadership

Coaching 1-1

Neuro linguistic programming

(language, thoughts and reframing techniques)

Cognitive behaviour therapies

HeartMath training

for Resilience and change strategies

Wellness starts with me

a coaching program which offers tools and techniques to support your depleted workforce, in bouncing back to a balanced, mental, emotional and physical wellness.