“The work that we have done through ROAR Wellness has been invaluable in shaping our everyday practice. The staff loved the training and have commented on how it has impacted their own mental health and wellbeing as well as support them in delivering high-quality lessons to the children. It has been a fundamental step in helping us achieve the Well-being Award. The workshops gave us an insight into a range of tools and techniques that support us in the delivery of mental health and wellbeing sessions to the children in school. Because of this, our children now have a good understanding of ways they can be mindful, they are aware of their emotions and have the tools to help themselves take care of their wellbeing. We have implemented a range of initiatives into our daily practice such as brain breaks, mindful sessions, calm corners, sensory walks, and mindful music to name a few. The ROAR wellness team (Especially Jo) has gone above and beyond to help support us in our mission to have wellbeing at the centre of everything we do and I would highly recommend the team and any training sessions. “

Wellbeing Champion and Teacher at St Maries Schools Kirkby.

“Just wanted to say “thank you” for yesterday’s training session. I’ll be honest, I was a little bit sceptical about it all, but you’ve convinced me and I have to admit it was all really interesting, especially the HeartMath subject.”

“I just wanted to send you an email to express how much I really enjoyed yesterday’s ROAR session. It has helped me see things from another perspective and I really feel like I got a lot out of the day. Going back out into practice now I will be more mindful of the things we discussed and I truly believe it will help me become a better practitioner.”

“I wanted to firstly thank you for our session – it was very enlightening and I am using the circle of influence all of the time – and sharing it with everyone!!!”

“I loved the program!! can’t wait to do more training with Roar Wellness.”

“Today’s training was so inspiring, I can’t wait to use the workbooks with my families that I support.”

Wellbeing Champion and NHS Workers