Wellness starts with you, if you are well you can impact on relationships with family, friends, colleagues and your children, to many of us neglect our wellbeing thinking I haven’t got time, but this can cause a ripple effect and impact on every life we touch.

Building mental, emotional and physical resilience within our community will impact directly on mental health, illness, relationships, families, your purpose in life and give you back control and balance.

Our services to our community allows us to help support and offer intervention to everyone that needs a little helping hand.

We would like to empower others within the community to become wellbeing champions to extend our support even further, to get involved or become a community wellbeing champion call the team.

Contact a member of the team

“I have been attending ROAR in order to find not only the best version of me but to also find me to begin with; in order for me to take back control of my life. 

ROAR has helped me understand that I can think positively, no matter what the situation and also that I have the power to change things worrying me in my life. It all starts with positivity and me! 
I love that we are a tight group who confide in each other but also work to support each other through difficult discussions. I also love the way we can all have serious talks about our personal lives and worries and all get involved with suggestions or similar experiences, but we can also bond and have a laugh too. 
In a time where I felt so unworthy and uninspired and lost within myself, this group has allowed me to start to unleash my inner tiger.”
From Abbie