Our Ambassador

Hi my name is Alexander.

It was a great honour to be asked to be an Ambassador of Roar Wellness.

I am 14 years old and throughout my life I have had many challenges.  I think children and teenagers need to be heard about the struggles they have experienced in life and definitely throughout the pandemic.  I had to shield for a long time and also, I missed a lot of school and this had an impact on my self-confidence and also my mental health.

I love my time at home with my family and my dogs and support is there for me but I would like to be able to share my thoughts with others and see if my experiences may help others.  I love listening to podcasts and educating myself on the world around us.  I am a huge fan of The Beatles and John Lennon and feel they changed the way of music and enabled people to truly enjoy their experience.

I am really looking forward to supporting other children across Knowsley in tackling our mental and emotional wellness.