What would someone gain by attending a Mental Health First Aid course?

The course helps people to understand what good or not so good mental health looks like. What are the common signs and symptoms to look out for, and how to start having difficult and challenging conversations whilst maintaining your own mental health. How to offer comfort and support in a crisis. Providing the skills needed to reach out in a non-judgemental way. How having poor mental health has an impact on work and family life.

Different levels of mental health first aid courses

RQF = Regulated Qualifications Framework.

  • Level 1 award in awareness of first aid for mental health  (RQF) 4-hours
  • Level 2 award in understanding mental health in the workplace (RQF) 1-day
  • Level 2 award in first aid for youth mental health (RQF) 1-day
  • Level 3 award in mental health in the workplace. (RQF)  2-day course
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