Have you been affected by COVID 19? Whether you or your family have had the virus or sadly you may have even lost loved ones.

The last 12 months have been a huge roller coaster for us all and the impact on our health, increased anxiety, stress and general lack of social connection has left some people feeling down, depleted and also scared for the future.

We are hosting a Covid 19 bounce back programme supporting mind-set, good health and wellbeing and sharing tools and techniques to conquer fears and anxiety, allowing our groups to talk freely, we will give top tips and techniques to get you back in the driving seat.

You’re not alone in your thoughts and quite often it’s far easier to say I am fine, when you are not.

This programme will help you feel great again, so you can move through the next year with a positive outlook strong health and wellness and then you can support your family in making wellbeing progress.

We have all experienced things this last year that we could never of even imagined, we have been shocked, scared, and anxious and at times had feelings of being totally helpless.

We have missed our families and friends, come and join us and together and put this entire experience behind us with a little support from the local community, we can feel better together.

We have a team of professional, none judgmental, caring and authentic people, who are here to help you.

It might be stress, general health and wellbeing, you may be suffering with anxiety, or you may just want to give yourself some YOU time and be kind to yourself.

Contact a member of the team